Our Process

Initial Contact

Upon receiving your contact us form, a member of our team will contact you.

Requirements Gathering

We will discuss your request, ensure we understand your objectives, and gather needed information.

Solution Proposal

Our expert proposes the best solution to fulfill your request, considering our previous discussion and the information you provided.

Contract Agreement

We initiate contact again to discuss our solution and solidify the project.


At project completion, we turn over the project to you. Your project team members will have received full operational and management knowledge.


We create a team to execute the project plan identified in the contract agreement.


A dedicated project manager will provide you with a detailed plan, including an estimated timeline.

Why should you choose the Clair way?


We bring over 40 years in IT, people/project management, and business administration experience when we walk into your business or residence.


We understand you, since we have worked for both small and large international and national organizations.


We will work for your business like it’s our own.