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With Clair Services, you get cybersecurity, managed IT, penetration testing, network installation and software development services from one of the leading companies in areas like Maryland, Virginia, and other regions in the USA. Contact us today to elevate your business to the next level.


Clair Services provides cybersecurity from basic assessment and in-depth auditing to deployment of threat management systems (SIEM/SOC) for protection and control. To safeguard your data (be it on-premises hosting, cloud hosting, or hybrid), we will work with you to assess your needs and develop a strategy based on a zero-trust framework to protect your systems, data, and infrastructure.

According to Security Magazine, 8.4 million DDoS attacks occurred in 2019 alone, which confirms the constant threat in cyber space, where all protocols are affected and targeted. It’s safe to say if your network is not protected according to best practices, there is a high probability your system will be attacked. We will assess and review your security posture and identify possible attack vectors to determine how well you are protected against these threats.

We will consider your overall business roadmap and apply a higher level of security to the more important assets of your business without adversely affecting your operations. In addition to executing our design, we can also implement recommendations from previous security audits and penetration tests.

Main Services (On-premises, Hybrid, Multi-cloud, or Cloud-native)

Architecture Design, Zero-Trust Framework Implementation, Troubleshooting, Penetration Testing, Monitoring Solution, Intrusion Detection Equipment Installation, Vulnerability Assessment, Auditing, Log Correlation, and Analysis.

IT Recruitment

Let Clair Services provide your business with full circle recruiting, screening, and recommendation of qualified IT candidates using our creative sourcing methods. We will develop and execute specific sourcing strategies to attract top talent and adapt approaches with each posting requirement to increase the pool of suitable candidates. As experts in the IT field, we know what it takes to find the right IT candidate for your company.

Clair Services will always align with your business roadmap to provide strategic guidance and serve as a talent advisor to share market intelligence, effective and creative recruitment techniques, and provide guidance and consultation to improve the recruitment experience for your staffing needs.

Main Services (On-premises, Hybrid, Multi-cloud, or Cloud-native)

Talent Sourcing, Resume Reviewing, Interviewing, Candidate Selection, Performance Management, Candidate Technical Assessment, Expert Consultation, and Employee Retention Strategies.

Managed IT Services

Clair Services provides long-and short-term on-demand managed IT Services based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Framework. If your internal engineering team needs additional support to execute a major change or to cover extraordinary situations, we can step in to help lighten the load. We can also support your IT transformation journey. We have the resources to take over your overall IT engineering functions, such as expert system administration, monitoring, and much more.

Main Services (On-premises, Hybrid, Multi-cloud, or Cloud-native)

IT Transformation, Systems Architecture, Systems Implementation, Systems Administration, Systems Troubleshooting, Systems Monitoring Solution, Systems Upgrade, On-demand Managed Services, Desktop Deployment, Desktop Upgrade, Identity and Access Management, Service Management, User Support, Level 1/2/3 Systems, and Network Support.

Network Design and Installation

Clair Services offers modern, reliable, scalable, and secure network design services tailored to your business. Our designs comply with best practices, are always based on industry standards, and use up-to-date and cost-effective approaches such as SDN (Software-Defined Networking) solutions. You will find each design to be unique as it considers your business roadmap and takes into account the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) triangle. After we jointly complete an assessment, we will develop a service level agreement that meets your business requirements. If you already have a design, we can review it and implement it for you.

If you want to transform your existing deployment to take advantage of cutting-edge technology for better market opportunity, Clair Services can do that for you. Although the focus of our service is design and installation, we can also provide monitoring and troubleshooting services as needed.

Main Services (On-premises, Hybrid, Multi-cloud, or Cloud-native)

Network Design, Network Installation, Network Infrastructure Review (Physical and Logical), Network Troubleshooting, VoIP Design, VoIP Installation, VoIP Troubleshooting, Fiber Installation, Fiber Splicing, Fiber Troubleshooting, Network Monitoring Solution Deployment, Wireless Design, Wireless Survey, Wireless Installation, IP Camera Installation, SDN Review and Deployment, and Network Transformation.

Software Development

Clair Services provides a wide range of software development services. We develop greenfield applications to help streamline your processes, giving your business a competitive edge. We can help support existing and legacy solutions. We can also transform legacy monolithic applications into modern microservices solutions (including cloud-native) that can scale to meet your current needs. We have the capability to include AI/ML/AutoML features, integrating available solutions in the cloud. We support the customization of off-the-shelf software. And we can integrate your existing tools, providing fast and reliable information exchanges within your business (and possibly with your partners).

Main Services (On-premises, Hybrid, Multi-cloud, or Cloud-native)

Design and Development, Maintenance, Customization, Transformation and Migration, Cloud-native Solutions, AI/ML/AutoML Integration, Data Analysis, Database Design, Development and Deployment, Professional Website Design, Mobile App UI/UX Design, Mobile App Development, Web Development, and Web App Development.